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PC Education Consulting empowers underserved students through non-traditional individualized learning, leveraging emerging technologies and cultural mentoring to foster equity, inclusion, and the growth of the creator economy and STEM/GREEN/XR talent pipelines.

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Consulting Appointments

At PC Education Consulting, our experienced team of educators provides innovative and personalized consulting services to meet the needs of students and their families. We focus on collaboration with families, schools, and community organizations to create project-based learning experiences, culturally relevant projects, and mentorship opportunities that can be tailored to meet individual goals and timelines. Our team is committed to providing the best resources and guidance to ensure that our students reach their fullest potential.

Software Programmer

Creative Economy / XR Developer Cohorts

Our Creative Economy/XR Developer Cohorts provide beginning coding and real-time 3D development in the evening for underrepresented high school and college students. We also offer cohorts for adults to reskill and prepare for the future of work. Our cohorts are designed to build a strong foundation of coding and development skills so that participants can become competitive in the creative economy and XR job markets.

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Green / STEM After-School Programs

Our Green / STEM after school programs provide a unique learning experience that focuses on supporting underrepresented youth in middle school and high school, including those with learning disabilities, Autism, and gifted students. Our programs offer hands-on learning activities that cover a wide range of topics, from environmental science and sustainability to mathematics and virtual reality. Our goal is to enable every student to reach their highest potential and develop the skills needed for success in the 21st century.

About Dr. Paul A. Curtis, CEO/Founder 

Dr. Paul A. Curtis is a passionate leader for underrepresented scholars in both K-12 and Higher Education settings.  He is also a state representative and mentor for veterans transitioning from military to civilian life entering education as a career for the Florida State Department of Education.  Dr. Curtis is an inspiring mentor, engaging coach, and compelling leader within academic and professional communities in Florida and the United States.

Dr. Curtis holds doctoral degrees in Curriculum and Instruction, and in Educational Leadership.  His 20+ years of teaching in private and public schools combined with his meritorious military service are his foundation in creating authentic, culturally relevant, collaborative, and regenerative learning networks. 

Dr. Curtis has been an Assistant Principal at Charlotte County Public Schools for nearly 10 years, and a Facilitator/Professor at Jacksonville Theological Seminary College for nearly 3 years. He is committed to staff development which is key to his success as an educational leader. Dr. Curtis is also devoted to increasing professional development of educational technology for educators.  His dedication to incorporating experiential learning for diverse high school scholars provides access to and opportunities in STEM career pathways.

Being a member of the taskforce for Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department and the Punta Gorda Police Department is one of Dr. Curtis’ community outreach roles.  Whether in the classroom or in the community, Dr. Curtis is an exemplary model of educational leaders as change-agents for sustainable, immersive learning environments from kindergarteners to doctoral scholars.

Meet Our Team

Experienced education leaders passionate about equity, inclusion, and innovative approaches to empower underrepresented learners.

Empower Growth through Inclusion, VR,  and Experiential learning!

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Grow Your Vision

Are you an educator or community member curious about urban agriculture, emerging technologies, and opportunities for all youth? Contact us to learn more!


If you prefer to leave a voice message, call us at 850.300.9075

Orlando, Florida

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